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Ellie Jornlin

WHCA/Merrill College Scholar

Ellie Jornlin

Name: Ellie Jornlin
Year in school: Freshman
Major: Journalism
Hometown: Hagerstown, MD

Ellie just finished her first year at the University of Maryland.  She is involved in the Terrapin Yearbook and is applying to be a part of the Diamondback. She used her first semester at UMD to get used to life as a college student.  She is looking forward to gettting more involved in extracurricular activities on campus! She was awarded a scholarship to participate in the School of the New York Times Summer Program. She is still figuring my future out. However, she is sure that she would love to continue writing as well as travel the world.

Ellie is a 2023 recipient of the Francis J. Cormier White House Correspondents’ Association Scholarship in the Philip Merrill College of Journalism.  Established in 1991 by the White House Correspondents’ Association, this award was renamed in 1994 to honor the memory of Francis J. Cormier, who for two decades exemplified the best qualities of White House correspondents with a blend of gentleness, humor and professionalism that endeared him to the readers of his dispatches for The Associated Press. This renewable scholarship is awarded to four undergraduate students.  The scholarship is awarded to one new incoming freshman each year and then it follows the student throughout their time at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism. Each year there will be a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior, but only one student changes each year.