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Pool Reports Collection Website SPLASH!

The University Libraries is pleased to announce the major upgrade to the Pool Reports Digital Collection Website!  This new iteration is greatly enhanced with content about the White House Correspondents' Association, Profiles of past and present White House Pool Reporters, Feature stories on a variety of related topics (including bibliographies for further study), News and Press Releases, Resource lists of materials both within the UMD Libraries Collection as well as important material beyond the Libraries' walls, and Digital Tools that are currently being developed for the project.  Also, the searchable collection has also been enhanced with the upload of the Insurrection Files (pool reports covering the period of November 2020 through January 2021).  

Thanks to the generous support of the Merrill Foundation, this release marks a milestone in the WHCA project.  It marks the move from a prototype proof of concept pilot project to an active collection for the study and teaching of US Presidential reporting.